• Kirsten Price (Eike)

    Hello! My name is

    I started this blog as way to express all of my passions in one place. I love finding/creating healthy food recipes, sharing information I’ve learned about fitness/health/nutrition, and discussing interesting topics on art and design. Instead of dumping all of my thoughts on Facebook or my husband, I figured I should write it all down here. 🙂 Instead of boring you with my life story in a never-ending paragraph, here are ten (or maybe 20?) fun facts about myself:


    1. I am recently married and live in Arlington, VA.
    2. I grew up in sunny SoCal…yes, I did move from CA to VA when I was 13…thanks Mom and Dad. 😉
    3. I am the oldest of 5 children, which makes me very cautious, extremely responsible, and somewhat of a people pleaser. (This is either good or bad, not sure which one yet)
    4. I have successful run my own bridal hair company for the past 3 years. I love creating beautiful hair styles for brides and their bridal parties.
    5. I will be graduating Spring 2017 with a BA in Graphic Design from George Mason University.
    6. I have a terrible fear of deep/dark water, I absolutely can’t stand the sound of chewing, and I have an obsession with puppies.
    7. My dad is 100% Norwegian, which means I come from Vikings. (Watch out)
    8. I can never decide if I want brown or blonde hair. It will be a lifelong dilemma.
    9. My favorite form of exercise is yoga or running.
    10. I’m terribly shy in front of large crowds…I’m an introvert who’s forced to be extroverted in an extroverted world.


    Thank you for stopping by, and feel free to say hi!